News of the coming season

Since the 2020 event did not take place due to Covid – 19. The organizers decided not to risk it and postpone the season to next year. The Jumping de Valens Hubsite is back with new forces, prizes and participants, which is held at the Haras des Grillos racetrack.

This is an amazing place with its beauty and natural nature. Fully prepared to receive athletes and spectators. This time, arena will host new Olympic stars who have returned from the Tokyo Olympics. The organizers have worked out all the mistakes and will not disregard smallest visitors.

The entertainment program is supplemented with new contests, gifts and entertainment. Because Jumping de Valens is originally a traditional family event.

The organizers have taken it upon themselves to complement entertainment program for children with horses, which helps alleviate many of emotional health problems of children. Adults have opportunity to enjoy the ancient exhibits and history of equestrian sports. Everyone can buy a piece of a significant event in a local boutique.

What is a holiday without a fair? The festival sells unusual accessories for jockeys and horses, some handmade. The administration will combine two events in one, so that people feel the full scale and importance of events for history of the country.

The main advantage of event is free admission, free shows and entertainment for children. This is an event aimed at attracting more people so that the best jockeys are noticed by the public.

World stars of the season

The Hubsite Jumping de Valens has become an important and popular part of the World Tournament for the best riders. An example of this is list of winners in recent years:

2019 winner Roger – if Bost – gold medalist of the French Olympic team;

Two-time winner of 2018-2017 Kent Farington is current Olympic silver medalist in the individual competition. In 2017, he snatched victory from the Canadian sports legend Eric Lamaze and the 2008 Olympic champion;

2 team finalists of the Olympic Games won in 2016!

All these successes indicate that organizer of the project, Sadri Fegayer, spared neither time nor effort to make his project very first among elite championships. People who have already achieved worldwide success and have shown their abilities aspire to become winners of the tournament in order to achieve status of number 1 in equestrian sports.

The highlight of organization of the high-level show is a 5-star stable with medical staff, x-rays for animals.

High level show jumping

Jumping is overcoming obstacles of different heights and complexity on jumping field. From the outside, jumping may seem like a simple sport without features. In fact, discipline is one of the most difficult. rider and horse train long and hard. On the field, the jockey and horse are one.

The better jockey feels horse and its rhythm, easier it is to win. The rider must have a brave and determined character. The art of horse management must be pumped to the highest level. The horse requires a huge force of repulsion from the ground, ability to maintain coordination and balance when flying over an obstacle. Professional horses add grace and flexibility.

The task of rider is to choose right pace when approaching the obstacle, to take into account physical qualities of the horse when choosing the distance to the obstacle. Failure to do so will result in failure and can sometimes result in serious injury to the horse and jockey. As a result, the career may end for each participant.

Hubsight Jumping de Valens contributes to development of equestrian sports with its sponsorship of the Cascais Charms team. The team includes only masters and equestrian stars from all over the world including Canada, Colombia, England, France. The team is dressed exclusively in company colors and competes in the global league of champions.

It gathers the best participants from all over the world. Championships run throughout the year in 17 of the most historically important corners of the world.

Last season, the tournament brought together a record number of 30,000 spectators, 720 horses, 270 riders, 40 competition classes. In coming season, only participants up to 50,000 are expected. We are waiting for everyone at event at Haras des Grillios 440 Chemin do Merdaret – 26330 on the calendar.

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