Favorites of the current season

On August 18, the Habsite Jumping de Valence event started. Emanuele Gaudiano got into the field of view of the audience. He is ranked 67th in the FEI Langins world ranking of the best jockey. In 2022, he won 55 victories in international competitions.

Habsayt Jumping de Valense burst into the class of the CCA quickly. Jockey is undoubtedly one of the first favorites of such a weekend. He will ride the Mecklenburg gelding Vasco 118.

The next contender for victory in the tournament is the charming François Matti Jr. Performs on the stallion Kreysker Classical.

The top three favorites are closed by Clement Frerejak. At the qualifying tournament, he showed a result of 37.63 seconds.

The press interviewed each of the contenders for the victory and Emanuele Gaudiano was the most eloquent. When asked about the number of victories, he answered that he did not count them and lost count. Ryder focused on his young horse Vasco, saying that she is his best horse.

With it, he set records on obstacles 1.4-1.45 meters. The horse still has a lot of untapped potential, which it will show inapplicably. You need to help discover her talent. A couple more years and the animal will show the best results.

Emanuele Gaudiano took with him a second horse named Nikolai. Explaining his choice that last year he showed the best results, hoping for the current season.

Emanuele Gaudino winner Hubsite Store CSI 5

On September 22, 2022, a new week of Habsite Jumping competitions was opened in the city of Grimma in France. Emanuele Gaudino with his magnificent horse Nicolai de Musik was the first in all the news lines. He was victorious in everything and was number one in all the challenges. Won CSI class 2 Chakart PS.

The stallion he had been dating for several weeks did not let him down. But still, the rider took second place in the first class of the CSI 5, losing only a fraction of a second to his rival Robin Mir.

Athlete won 55,000 euros in the art class of the day. As a result of the day, the Italian on his Belgian warmblood stallion showed a record time for a speed of 1.5 m at the finish line, showing a result of 63.77 seconds.

At the same time, he beat Simon Delestre, who was in the lead for most of the race. Simon could not believe in the outcome, the break time with which he lost to the Italian was more than a second.

The bronze medalist was Viktor Bettendorf. Over the past couple of months, he has become the best racer. But last year he was injured, after which he underwent a long rehabilitation and did not sit in the seat.

In the press, the Italian commented on his victory as follows: “The day was very successful. Two victories and a second place suggests that you need to admire your horses. Nikolai is in perfect shape.” He also noted that there are several excellent horses and who will participate in the next race will be determined in the coming days.

Easy 20,000 euros for Lily Atwood

On August 28, 2021 at the Hubsight Jumpin de Valença CCA day 4 ended with an impressive race with sports stars in the Mercedes – Benz Six Bar Challenge. In the race, 12 applicants started the obstacles 1.55 without exception.

To weed out the participants, a jump-off was held at a height of 1.70. Immediately eliminated 3 candidates for victory. The next mark reached 1.80, but the number of participants was reduced to 7.

The statement of the Portuguese Rodrigo Gesteiro Almeida on his horse Icelaud was very strange. It had the potential to continue but settled at 1.80. The 1.92 mark knocked out three more sensational contenders.

In the final jump at a height of 2.02, two converged: Frenchman Thomas Leveque and British Lily Atwood. The Frenchman decided for a long time to take such a height and finally refused.

And Lily Atwood overcoming fear, made a jump and won the coveted 20,000 euros, although she caught the bar.


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