Expectations and plans for the tournament

On October 20, 2021, the key event of the winter season was announced, which will take place on the last weekend of October in the city of León, France. 12 globe champions will take part in the tournament. Of this number, 9 are included in the world ranking of the best.

The winter season was eagerly awaited because last year the tournament was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The organizers are in full swing preparing the most prestigious indoor track and stands for spectators. A huge flow of fans and ordinary show jumpers is expected.

Participation will be represented by Germany number 2 in the earth Daniel Droyser and his horse, who will never miss his favorite tournament.

Markus Fuchs with horse representative of Switzerland – the owner of the silver medal of the World Championship. In 2018 he became the gold medalist of the World Championship, in 2019 – the silver medalist.

Another show jumping legend from Switzerland is Steve Gerda, who occupies the 6th position in the globe ranking. In narrow circles, he is considered a rising star and future number 1.
Brian Belsing is a young, promising jockey who attracts the attention of the audience. is the heir to the family business.

Scott Barash of Great Britain former world number 1. If you want to get around him, you should try hard, because without a fight he will not give up.

Marlon Modolo Zanoteli with horse from Brazil is ranked 8th in the world ranking.

Swiss Henrik von Eckermann and Belgian Jerome Gehry were part of the Belgian team at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. They have established themselves as the best riders in the world.
The Frenchmen Kevin Staud and Julien Epayard will take part from the same team.

It is important that Kevin takes 11th place in the globe ranking. Close the list of American women Jessica Springsteen with horse. In 2019, she already performed in Leon and considered to have won. Laura Olivier Perrault is the newly-champion of the FEI Jumping World Cup Grand Prix Logins.

After the list of participants was published in a short time, all tickets were sold out. Tables and rooms are reserved in restaurants and hotels. especially for this event, an application for the play store and app store called Equita was developed. It will simplify the search for the location of stands, entertainment and events in the area.

Types of show jumping

For the uninitiated, show jumping has many different types of competition.

  1. Your route. participants were offered a track with different obstacles with a start and finish. But the participant himself chooses the obstacles as he wishes. The winner is the participant with the best time on the route.
  2. Mirror competition. One route is passed by a pair of participants, the worst result is eliminated. And the best result is the race with the next participant in the elimination.
  3. Competitions of increasing difficulty. The course can be provided with 6, 8 or 10 obstacles. With each race, the height of the obstacles becomes greater. Players who fail to overcome the obstacle are eliminated from the tournament. sometimes, in order to avoid injury, participants refuse to race, thereby losing. If a competitor has reached the final and the opponent withdraws, the rule is that the remaining competitor must jump.
  4. Hunting show jumping. One of the first types of show jumping. In the race, the participants with horses themselves choose in what sequence to overcome the number of obstacles and the height.
  5. Competition for style. Points are awarded according to a certain system. This type of competition is very rare, but there are still amateurs.
  6. Competitions for a while. there is a time limit set by the organizers. The winner is the rider who gets closer to the time.
  7. Classic. The most common type of show jumping, which is used in every tournament. Here you need to show the best time with the number of different obstacles. It is taken into account how cleanly the obstacles are passed, the agility of the horse is highly appreciated.

There are also awards for horses for the entire tournament: the favorite of the race, the grace of the race, the rider of the tournament, the favorite of the race and others.


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