The emergence of horse racing in sports

Horse racing has been around since ancient times in England. According to history, elite Arabian horses were brought by the crusaders, returning from their campaigns. In England, they began to breed a breed that was distinguished by speed and endurance, beauty and elegance. Such entertainment was available only to wealthy aristocrats and high-ranking personalities.

The tradition has been preserved to this day. At the beginning of the 3rd century, Queen Anne of England admired horses and contributed to the emergence of a professional sport. Hippodromes were built en masse.

The wealthy invested in a profitable and expensive business. The owners of the stables began to be in demand and get rich at the speed of sound. Participation in races confirmed the high status of a nobleman. So the culture spread throughout Europe.

In modern times, it’s time to go global and create equestrian associations. So in 1750 the first jockey club was created, where the first requirements for competitions and hippodromes were created.

They began to divide horses into classes, introduced a mandatory passport for an animal, which confirms its pedigree. The jockey club contributed to the development of thoroughbred horses with subsequent participation.

Soon discipline reached France. England is the birthplace of obstacle racing, and France made it more elegant and improved by calling it show jumping. It was here that in the 19th century horse competitions were held through various obstacles.

France became famous for its cavalrymen on horseback. There are opinions that discipline originated from kovalery and grew into an age-old tradition.

France’s greatest contribution to the discipline of sport is the creation of the world’s first riding school. Its graduates have received worldwide recognition. In this small country, there are 250 operating hippodromes, which have their own historical beginning. It was the French who gave the world the famous horse breeds French trotter and French sel.

The first breed was finally formed in the 20th century. Its characteristic difference is a harmonious physique and endurance. This is achieved by complex workouts that were invented in the 18th century. In training, complex paths with descents, ascents and sharp turns are used.

The French sel is used in show jumping competitions. The breed was bred at the beginning of the 19th century by crossing local mares with purebred Arabian and English stallions. This is a versatile breed in which agility and endurance are present in equal parts. Feature – excellent jumping qualities.

Sports traditions

Jumping as a sport will never die, because first of all it is the history and tradition of the country. In the modern world, according to jockeys, the popularity of this discipline is not growing in a big way.

There are fewer sponsors in terms of funding and viewers are losing interest. One of the reasons is the costly participation. Increasingly, the jockey himself has to finance his performances. The big problem is that young people are interested in other more popular and promising sports. But there are enthusiasts who accumulate savings for a whole year in order to compete once.

From time immemorial, all participants must greet the judges by lowering their hands and bowing their heads. Traditionally, the horse and jockey must look graceful and neat from the very beginning of the competition. The uniform consisted of a black vest, white tie and shirt, black boots.

Only with the permission of the judges can you wear a raincoat in bad weather. If a jockey is seen in clothes with long sleeves, this is a gross violation of the rules and a manifestation of disrespect for the participants in the competition. Such rules remain unshakable from the very foundation of show jumping.

Jumping competition is a grandiose event that includes not only equestrian sports, but also various kinds of holidays, competitions, entertainment and spending time with the family. They try to make the holiday a place of rest for those who are not interested in such discipline, but still come.

Hubsite Jumping de Valens is a jumping event founded in 2015, a shining example of the tradition and luxury of the discipline. Among athletes, it is popular due to compliance with the strict rules and trends of sports in the modern world.

Real aesthetes look forward to the event every year to enjoy the luxury of the holiday and feel like a nobleman of past centuries. Elite residents of France help in holding the holiday, whose horses participate in the races.

A prime example is Sadri Fegayer, a successful businessman and international racing driver who races his creation for the fun of a good time.


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